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Where to get polish "złoty" (PLN)?

Avoid “kantor” that are close to most touristic places and the airport. We recommend Sławkowska street and shopping centers. Paying with credit card is a good option, if the bank doesn´t charge you too much for it.

What is the exchange rate of polish currency?

200zl has the highest value and may be hard to change. We use 100zł (23€), 50zł (nearly 12€), 20zł ( barely 5€) and 10zł (2,4€). 1zł is 22 euro cents (approximately). Coins are useful for transport and parking. You can find also 0,50zl, 0,20zl, and less, with practically no value.

How does public transportation work?

With the mobile app “Jak dojadę” we can check bus and tram lines or schedules. Tickets are time-priced, the most common is 20 minutes (2,80zł) and 40 minutes (3,80zł). In the ticket machines select your language and follow the steps. Validate the ticket once you get into the tram/bus.

How to go to Aushwitz, what options do I have?

We recommend guided tours. There are a lot of tour agencies, with lots of offers in your language. If you want to go on your own, it’s permitted free of charge only from 7:30AM to 10:00AM, after that, you have to pay for a guided tour. For more information visit To go by a bus (Lajkonik Company, cost: 14zł for a one-way ticket) you will have to reach Kraków Main Station. Estimated travel time is 1,5 hour. More information: Doors open at 07.30AM.
Closing time depends on the time of the year and other factors, you have to check the website to know the exact time.

How to go to Wieliczka Salt Mines?

To book a ticket, go to this site. It costs 84zł (89zł in summer).
To get there, take a train from Kraków Główny (Cracow Central), it departs every 30 minutes and it will take 25 minutes to arrive to Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia (last stop). You can buy the ticket for a train (3,50zl) inside it. You can go without booking, but there is a risk that you may not find tickets for specific tours in your language.

How to get to the airport?

Train is the fastest way. Look for Kraków Lotnisko (Cracow Airport) from Kraków Główny (Cracow Central). It will take only 20 minutes and cost 9zł. Schedules at:
You can also take a bus for a similar price, but they are slow due to heavy traffic.
Taxis are cheaper than in most European cities. One way to/from the airport costs around 60-80zł (up to 20€).

What precautions should I take?

Cracow is very safe. Respect the traffic, don´t smoke in restricted areas and remember, that it’s forbidden to drink alcohol in the street.
Police will fine you if you don´t respect this rules.

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