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About the tour

Second World War was a very unforgiving period of time for Europe and the whole world, without a doubt. During that time, majority of nations suffered smaller or greater casualities. Poland is one of the countries, that suffered the most and Kraków played an improtant role in Nazi’s plans to dominate Europe. Our city was meant to be a capital city of General Government and one of the biggest ghettos for the Jewish nation, was located in this territory. Nazis have established the ghetto in Podgórze district – today a district, back in the days, separate city with it’s own law, trade, economy, that could easily compete with Kraków. As this place’s history is very long, interesting and fascinating, we decided to create separate tour in order to unreveal all of it’s secrets.

During this tour, we will take you on a journey through the most representative places of Podgórze district, but we will also visit hidden alleys full of surprising mysteries.
You will get to know Kraków’s ghetto history and some famous people connected to it, you will learn how people’s lifes looked like behind the walls of “residential zone” and what institutions operated there. We can’t forget about the history of Podgórze itself. We will travel back in time to early medieval ages, to understand how diversified and amazing it’s history is. If you are interested in Second World War history, you want to learn, what Kraków and Celts have in common – join us!


● Schindler’s factory
● Square of the Heroes of the Ghetto with remains of the wall and the pharmacy “Under the Eagle”
● The streets of the old ghetto with it’s most important institutions
● The market in Podgórze and the Church of St. Joseph
● Saint Benedict Hill with its Austrian fort and great views
● Beautiful parks, old cemeteries and more interesting places!

Estimated duration: 2,5h

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Meeting point

Main square – next to Adam Mickiewicz’s statue

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