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From Friday to Tuesday – 2:30 PM

About the tour

Cracow has a lot of beautiful places to show you – Main Square and Wawel Castle are not the only gems here.

On this tour we invite you to one of the most interesting districts in Cracow – Kazimierz.

Here, over the centuries, Christian culture coexisted with Jewish coulture.
When, at the end of XV century, Jews arrived to Kazimierz, life of it’s inhabitants has changed, without a doubt. Jews had to adapt to new surroundings too. How did they make it? How their daily life looked like and how they got along with Christians? This, and many more, you will learn with us on the tour!
We will take you on a journey through two, very different worlds.
You will hear a story of Cracow’s Jews, from the date when they arrived to our city all the way to the begginning of World War II. You will get to know Jewish feasts, habits and places in the Jewish Quarter that still remind us about this nation’s culture, nation that for a long time made a high percentage of Cracow’s inhabitants.
We will visit the Christian part of Kazimierz too, full of magnificent churches, that very often escapes visitors’s notice.

If you want to know, what the Jews are doing during the Sabbath, is honey a kosher food, who is allowed to pray in the Synagogues, which Saint you should be praying to for help and if you have problems with your sight… join us!


● Wide Street
● Remuh’s Synagogue
● The Old Synagogue
● Jewish Cemetery
● Progressive Tempel Synagogue
● Issac’s Synagogue
● Joseph’s Street
● Wolnica Square
● Corpus Christi Church
● …and more!

Estimated duration: 2,5h

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Main square – next to Adam Mickiewicz’s statue

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