“Free tours, discover the city”


Free tours are a great option to walk around tourist’s destinations without pre-established fare, without tickets to pay for in advance.
Choosing this alternative gives you an opportunity to meet people, not only locals but people from all over the world. It is common to, after the tour, go for a drink or a lunch with a person/people you got to know on the tour. From my own experience, I can confirm that if you are interested in culture, history, architecture and something extra – socialising, then free tours are a perfect choice for you! From overall visits to those thematic, from the Old Town tour to Food tour or popular legends in the city.
The offer is usually big, tours take you to lovely spots, there is much to discover – what more do a tourist need?

It is not so old

Some people think that free tours started a long time ago, however, last two decades were crucial if it comes to popularity they have reached, escpecially last 7-10 years.There are many companies offering free walking tours. From my point of view, it is a democratic business model of XXI century. Everybody can receive information, rich explenation about the monuments and much more, without a monetary value fixed in advance. Once the tour finishes, the traveller can express his gratitude by tipping the guide.

The concept

There is no need to get a ticket – actually, companies providing free tours very often do not even sell them, no need to make a reservation. Sometimes even, there are no limits of participating people. Everyday, no matter the weather (except of some national feasts or, for example, Christmas) – we will be waiting for you. If you are wondering how does this work, it is simple. People’s support in form of tips/donations visiting Kraków or any other place in Europe cover expenses of the company – advertisement, marketing, guides salaries. Each traveller decides how much it costs, what value the exeprience itself had for him or her. Guide’s motivation is to work hard, offering the best service possible. It applies not only to telling people about history, monuments but also to social skills, being communicative,
friendly, charming, having a clear speech, good approach to the people. Everything that will help in being fairly rewarded for the effort.


English is a universal language, but of course it is possible to find tour in other languages – it depends on the place, demand on the market, availability of guides to hire, preferences of the company and more. The company decides which languages it offers. Join us and you will hear explanations in english, italian, spanish and polish.


How long does the tour take? It depends on the company, type of the tour but the average is 2 hours – 2,5 hours.


You can find free tours usually in big and famous capital cities like London, Berlin, Paris, nevertheless this trend is spreading across the continent.
You can find free tours in smaller cities too – not so known, yet still beautiful, interesting and full of attractions. Nowadays you can visit Bucharest, Stockholm and take part in a free tour. Kraków is also on the list – and that is where we invite you to join our tours! The old capital city of Poland will not disappoint you.
Contact us to join our tours or meet us directly on Mały Rynek (“Little Market Square”). See you!

Author: Javier
Guide in "Cracovia Walking Tours" and traveller